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mastercard-new-logoBank Identification Numbers (BINs) are the first six digits of a payment card number, which is usually sixteen digits long. The BIN makes up part of a credit, debit or gift card number and is essential to identify the issuing institution. This little number ensures that transactions made with a card are routed correctly.

Mastercard has announced that they have received an additional range of 2-series (222100-272099) numbers, which will be issued around October 2016. This new BIN series will be processed in the same way as their existing 5-series (510000-559999).

ICEPAY’s partners for acquiring credit card have already implemented and tested the new 2-series BIN range out successfully.

When do BIN changes go into effect?

TimingWho’s affected?What’s happening?
Now until October 2016Self-processing acquirers and issuers, and third-party processorsHost testing with MasterCard
Now until October 2016Acquirers, processors and issuersDownstream ecosystem testing
October 2016All ecosystem participantsPayments ecosystem 2-series readiness
January 2017 and beyondAll ecosystem participantsIssuers may be assigned 2-series BINs
June 2017All ecosystem participantsMerchant and ATM field testing and compliance program begins

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