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3-D Secure 3-D Secure

The benefits of 3-D Secure for you:

  • Your customer feels more secure in your online shop.
  • Helps you to combat identity theft.
  • Confirms that the online shopper is really the cardholder.

The best protection for credit card payments

Online payment by credit card is one of the most widely used methods of payment worldwide, but these payments are vulnerable to misuse. That is why Visa and MasterCard have added an additional protection technology called 3-D Secure.

This 3-D Secure, also known as Verified by Visa and MasterCard Secure Code, allows you to check whether your online customer is really the cardholder. If you as online shop operator participate in the 3-D Secure programme, you help to combat identity theft and your customers feel more secure in your online shop. 

Three options

With ICEPAY, you can choose for yourself what extra protection from 3-D Secure you employ. After approval of your application, you can choose one of the three options below: 

Mandatory: you employ 3-D Secure and only consumers holding a credit card with security code can pay in your online shop. The advantage is that all credit card transactions that take place in this way are additionally protected. A disadvantage is that not every cardholder has a security code and hence not all credit card holders can buy in your online shop.

Optional: you employ 3-D Secure and every credit card holder in your online shop can buy your product. Customers with a code can buy the product with additional protection by entering the security code. And customers without a code can buy the product without code and hence also without the additional protection.

Off: you don’t employ 3-D Secure.

You can activate and modify these settings easily yourself within your ICEPAY account.