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ACI ReD Shield ACI ReD Shield

The benefits of ReD Shield for you:

  • Fraudulent transactions are significantly reduced, so that you as company have less to fear from credit card payments.
  • You lose less time spent on the handling of chargebacks.

Protect your company against fraud with credit card payments

Paying by credit card is one of the most common methods of payment worldwide, but is also one of the most vulnerable to fraud. ReD Shield ensures that you get an insight into the vulnerability to fraud of credit card numbers and protects you against credit cards with an excessive risk factor. Whether you want to add Mastercard or Visa to your online shop, ICEPAY offers you a secure manner of accepting credit card transactions.

By means of worldwide screening of payment data, ReD Shield gives you an overview of the risk status of a credit card. You can adapt the settings to your specific needs as a company. If you choose ReD Shield with ICEPAY, you get a continuous insight into the fraud detection and prevention and payment activities of your customers.

Three options

With ICEPAY, you can choose for yourself what extra protection from ReD Shield you employ. ReD Shield ensures that you get information on the vulnerability to fraud of credit cards at all times. In addition, you can choose from the following three options to protect your company against fraud:

Accept all payments: you choose to only get an insight into the screening results and accept all transactions.

Accept & Challenge: you are informed of credit cards with a high risk and decide for yourself whether you accept or decline the transaction.

Accept & Decline: only credit card numbers with a low risk are accepted; credit cards with a higher risk are declined directly.

Contact ICEPAY to activate ReD Shield. You can test ReD Shield now for a short time, so that you can experience the reduction in the cases of fraud for yourself. The results of the fraud screening can be found on the ICEPAY portal and/or they can be easily queried via the ICEPAY API.