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BI-Tool – ICEPAY Dashboard BI-Tool – ICEPAY Dashboard

The benefits of the BI-Tool for you:

  • The BI-Tool saves you accounting, leaving you with more time and money.
  • You decide for yourself which data you export and how they are exported.
  • You have the option of subscribing to the dashboard, so that you receive new analyses by e-mail without having to think about it.
  • Can be linked to practically all accounting systems.

Create useful overviews of your data

As a company you have a vast amount of data of which often only a small proportion is really used. The Business Intelligence Tool (BI-Tool) makes your data usable and transparent. Whether you want to know which product is most popular in your online shop or at what time your customers conduct the most transactions, the ICEPAY Dashboard allows you to easily manage and understand your data, enabling you to respond more efficiently to your needs as an entrepreneur and optimise your conversion rates.

You have the choice in your hands

You choose for yourself which data you export and how they are exported. Depending on your preferences, you decide which information you want to analyse and in what file format you want to export them. In addition, you can subscribe to our ICEPAY Dashboard, so that you automatically receive new analyses in your mailbox on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

How does the ICEPAY Dashboard look?

A few examples of the ICEPAY Dashboard can be seen below.


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