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Exact Module Exact Module

The benefits of Exact for you:

  • Save time with your administration.
  • Purchases are processed directly.
  • Automate your accounting.

Save time with your accounting

Save time with your accounting and have more time for other activities with a link to Exact accounting. This link works very simply: your customer’s purchase is performed directly in your administration after payment. All payments made in your online shop, irrespective of the method of payment used, are shown quickly and clearly in your Exact accounting.

Simple linking

You make the link to Exact quite simply yourself. All that you have to do is to make a number of choices under ‘Account settings’ and your account is linked to the accounting programme. You then never have to keep manual payment overviews again. Consequently, you just have to click on the desired documents in your ICEPAY account and they are processed in Exact.

Handy reconciliation module

You can export your out-payment overviews and invoices to Exact directly with one click on the button in your account. With this reconciliation module, payments from ICEPAY are automatically linked to an order in your online shop. The module keeps check on open items and then splits the total amounts into a credit booking in your accounts receivable. A booking is also made to the account for the costs that we have charged.