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iDEAL Redundant iDEAL Redundant

The benefits of iDEAL Redundant for you:

  • 100% guarantee that your customers can pay at all times with iDEAL.
  • Don’t miss out on turnover.

Give your customers the possibility of paying with iDEAL at any time

Do you want to be sure that your customers can pay with iDEAL at any time? Then choose iDEAL Redundant via ICEPAY. You and your customers are then never faced with unpleasant surprises.

Because we are linked to two systems that allow the use of iDEAL, we can guarantee the use of iDEAL 100%. Should one of the two systems fail, the ICEPAY server switches automatically to the other system. Your customers notice nothing of this and can continue to buy your products and services without any problems.

N.B.: it is possible that the system with one of the linked banks fails. In that case problems are possible with iDEAL payments via the bank in question. These are circumstances that are unfortunately beyond our control.