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Pay-by-Mail 2.0
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Pay-by-Mail 2.0 Pay-by-Mail 2.0

Optimize payment collection; send a payment link with Pay-by-Mail 2.0

Our new Pay-by-Mail 2.0 application lets you, the merchant, send a payment link (URL) to a customer by e-mail, text or QR-code. It’s secure and straightforward to use. No website or terminal needed, just an Internet connection. Create your payment link in a secure online portal, then send it on to your customers whenever it suits you.


  • Higher conversion, reduced costs
  • Manual or batch uploads with integration via API
  • White-labelling through customizable templates
  • Multi-device sending options: e-mail, SMS or *QR-code
  • Transaction tracking in your online account
  • Reminder e-mail setup possible/Payment in terms

Pay-by-Mail is suitable for a multitude of payment moments like pre- or post-payments and for sending reminder e-mails. It’s perfect for all kinds of businesses, and especially suited to wholesalers, renters, hotels, B2B organizations, on-the-road service providers etc. or whenever your customer is not present at the point of sale.

Available in all our accounts or as a standalone product. E-mail for more information.