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Recurring Payments Recurring Payments

The benefits of Recurring Payments for you:

  • No more tracking of periodic payments.
  • Boost your conversion rate.
  • Receive your payments on time.
  • Increase convenience for you and your customers.

Your periodic payment system

With Recurring Payments from ICEPAY, you can make recurring payments to your customers. We carry out the payment for you and report back to you on the status. Convenient for you and your customers!

Boost your conversion rate

Convenience for your customer and a higher conversion rate for you. You merely have to indicate with the first payment that it is a recurring payment and send your user ID to ICEPAY. With every subsequent payment, you send the amount and the user ID of your customer to us. We make the payment for you and you receive a status update from us. You can also initiate payments where your customer only has to give his/her agreement without entering his/her payment data.

N.B.: you need to have an active credit card link with us in order to be able to use this service via credit card. If you don’t have a credit card link yet, just contact us. You can only use this automatic payment system with our web service. Read more information about this service in our web service guide.