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Redundant Platform Redundant Platform

The benefits of Redundant Platform for you:

  • Guarantee at all times that your payments are processed.
  • In the event of a fault, payment methods are immediately switched to transaction processing organisations.
  • Always short response times, even during peak hours.
  • Completely scalable environment in the cloud.

Stable payment processing with Redundant Platform

With our online Redundant Platform, we guarantee a stable connection, so that you can be sure that your payments are processed. You will also see that less customers drop out during the ordering and transaction process thanks to this payment platform and its stable function. Your customers can rely on you and your trust among your customers is increased.

Reliable payment system

The Redundant Platform is so optimised that the system never fails. Should a technical fault or problem arise unexpectedly, our system switches over to the backup environment. This means that you have access to the ICEPAY payment platform at all times.

Our platform runs on ‘Microsoft Azure’ to guarantee the availability and scalability.