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Storno (Direct Debit) Storno (Direct Debit)

The benefits of Storno for you:

  • Easy accounting.
  • Save time with your administration.

Simple handling of chargebacks

Payment via direct debit is very convenient, but sometimes it doesn’t work. In this case you have to carry out a reversal. If you work with direct debit payments a lot, it can be convenient to allow ICEPAY to handle your reversals. This allows to keep a good check on your accounting and you are sure of professional handling. 

Who is it for?

A reversal is when after a one-off debit, the payment is reversed by your paying customer. If you allow us to handle these chargebacks, you save time for yourself and you can be sure that everything is handled professionally.

You can only be faced with reversals if you offer direct debit as payment method in your online shop and when:

  • There is an insufficient balance on the indicated account at the moment of the debit.
  • The indicated account is blocked.
  • Your paying customer reverses the transaction amount himself within fifty-six days of the payment via his bank.