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Twinfield Module Twinfield Module

The benefits of Twinfield for you:

  • Simple linking of the ICEPAY administration to your accounting.
  • In use worldwide.
  • Secure accounting application.

Efficient and secure online accounting

You link our administration easily to your Twinfield online accounting. With one click on the button, you export your ICEPAY administration directly to your online accounting.

Simple linking

You link this application easily to your account by making a few choices under ‘Account settings’. You then never have to keep manual payment overviews again because the whole process is automated. The link is available for both large and small online shops. Your administration is carried out efficiently, securely and directly. You can also share information with your administration or accounting office.

You can carry out online accounting via Twinfield for a flexible subscription tariff per month, so that you can choose for yourself what the best connection is for your company.