Carte Bleue

Accept Carte Bleue payments in your webshop

Thinking about expanding your online activities in France? If so, then offering Carte Bleue as a payment method is worth considering. At present, ICEPAY is one of the few Payment Service Providers in the Netherlands that offer this payment method. Over 15,000 webshops opened their ‘doors’ in France in 2009. In 2010, this number rose even higher. Online shopping in France continues to grow. The most commonly used payment method is the credit card, and in France this means Carte Bleue, the French representative of VISA with over 32 million cards in use in France.

NB: ICEPAY offers a credit card connection for all Carte Bleue by VISA cards. This means that you reach all card holders with a Carte Bleue VISA card and not all Carte Bleue users.

Starting from:
2,3% + €0.25 per transaction
  • Reach a large group of consumers in the French market
  • Weekly payments
  • Option for protection from fraud using 3-D Secure
  • Recurring Payments available

How To

1. Choose and request the account that best suits your needs.

2. Your account is immediately ready for implementing and testing. Some extra actions are required before you can go ‘live’ with your account.

3. You can go live and provide the available payment methods, as soon as the testing of your account is successful and your request is officially approved.

NB: A special request is needed for credit cards and SEPA Direct Debit recurring. Please be aware that this may take several weeks. Once your account goes live, you can provide every available payment method for your account type in your webshop, except for credit cards and SEPA Direct Debit recurring. You can only offer these payment methods in your webshop once your request for them is approved.

Advantages and Possibilities

Carte Bleue is the most frequently used payment card in France, and by offering this method of payment in your webshop, you can reach the majority of the French market. Once you have completed the application procedure for credit cards (VISA/MasterCard), you will also be able to offer Carte Bleue in your webshop. Since Carte Bleue is owned by VISA, it may thus be offered under the same terms and conditions. This also ensures that the same high standard of security applies as that which applies to the VISA credit cards.

The advantages of Carte Bleue for your webshop:

  • Reach a large group of consumers in the French market;
  • When you are approved for VISA/MasterCard with ICEPAY, you have a direct option for Carte Bleue;
  • Weekly payments;
  • Option for protection from fraud using 3-D Secure;
  • Recurring Payments for Carte Bleue available.

How it works for customers

Payment with Carte Bleue card is easy for your customers:

  1. Choose a product in your webshop;
  2. Choose Carte Bleue as the payment method;
  3. Execute the payment and approve it in the secure Carte Bleue environment;
  4. The payment is complete.

Payments for your credit card transactions are not handled by ICEPAY, but by our supplier. These payments are made on a weekly basis. If you would like further information on payments or the implementation of Carte Bleue, please contact us.

MasterCard and VISA have developed a security system to fight credit card fraud. This system is called 3-D Secure. In order to ensure that all of your VISA and MasterCard credit card payments, including Carte Bleue, may be handled in an even more secure manner, ICEPAY offers this system as one of its products.

Read more about 3-D Secure.

NB: ICEPAY only accepts Carte Bleue cards beginning with the number 4.

This payment method is available

  • Worldwide

Cost overview per account

Connection costs
Transaction costs
€ 99 per year
2,3% + € 0.25
On request
On request