Accept giropay in your webshop

The online payment method for the German market. The giropay system is similar to the iDEAL payment system in the Netherlands. As with iDEAL, consumers do not need to register first and can make payments through their own familiar online bank environment, enjoying a high level of protection of their personal details.

The only requirement for making payments via giropay is that the user have a bank account that allows for online banking, which is affiliated with giropay. If you offer this payment method in your webshop, you will be able to reach a current potential of 17 million consumers. Approximately 80% of the German banks are affiliated with giropay.

Starting from:
1.8% + € 0.15 per transaction
  • The possibility of reaching 17m consumers in Germany
  • Safe and familiar payment environment for consumers
  • No risk of chargebacks

How To

1. Choose and request the account that best suits your needs.

2. Your account is immediately ready for implementing and testing. Some extra actions are required before you can go ‘live’ with your account.

3. You can go live and provide the available payment methods, as soon as the testing of your account is successful and your request is officially approved.

NB: A special request is needed for AfterPay, credit cards and SEPA Direct Debit recurring. Please be aware that this may take several weeks. Once your account goes live, you can provide every available payment method for your account type in your webshop, except for credit cards and SEPA Direct Debit recurring. You can only offer these payment methods in your webshop once your request for them is approved.

Advantages and Possibilities

Payments using giropay give you the opportunity to expand your range in the German market. With giropay, you can reach a varied group of over 17 million consumers in Germany. The number of banks affiliated with giropay continues to increase, and the number of consumers along with it. A search function showing a list of all the banks affiliated with the organisation is available on the giropay website. Allowing customers to pay via their own familiar banking platform gives them a sense of security when making giropay payments.

The advantages of giropay in your webshop:

  • Reach 17 million consumers in Germany;
  • Safe and familiar payment environment for consumers;
  • Consumers can pay immediately online in their own familiar online bank environment;
  • No risk of chargebacks;
  • Immediate insight into the payment progress, meaning fast delivery of orders;
  • Business and consumer transactions are possible.

How it works for customers

Payments with giropay are fast and easy for your customers (consumers). Once the customer has paid, you will receive a real-time notification of the payment.

To pay, all your customer has to do is:

  1. Choose a product in your webshop;
  2. Choose giropay as the payment method;
  3. Select their own bank;
  4. Execute the payment and approve it via the secure bank environment and method of payment;
  5. The payment is complete.

This payment method is available in

  • Germany