Accept Maestro payments online

Maestro, owned by credit card giant MasterCard is a debit card service, and enjoys widespread use on an international level. Maestro processes payments and offers affiliated banks a protocol for using their bank cards.

The manner in which online payments are executed varies from one bank to the other since consumers are always re-directed to their own bank’s online environment. The Maestro card is linked to the consumer’s bank account, and a sufficient balance in the account is always required to allow payments to be processed. Maestro has an enormous reach: there are more than 540 million card holders in over 100 countries. Online payments using the card are facilitated entirely by MasterCard, and must satisfy strict security requirements.


Starting from:
1,5% + €0.15 per transaction
  • Worldwide reach of 540 million cardholders in 100 countries
  • Safe for consumers and merchants
  • Safe payment environment

How To

1. Select and request the account type that best suits your business needs.

2. Your account will immediately be ready for implementing and testing, however extra actions are required before going live.

3. Your account can go live once you have successfully finished testing and when your request is officially approved by ICEPAY.

NB: A special request procedure is required for AfterPay, credit card, SOFORT Banking, SEPA Direct Debit recurring and paysafecard. Please note that this process may take several weeks. Once your account goes live, you will be able to offer all available payment methods (per account type) in your webshop, except for the aforementioned. These specific payment methods will only be made available to you once your request is officially approved.

Advantages and Possibilities

Maestro is the most important debit brand within the European Union and several other countries. Maestro therefore has a significant reach worldwide. Since consumers must pay via their own bank and a credit balance must be availalbe in the linked account, this method of payment is safe for both you and the consumer. Payments using Maestro are generally rapidly processed by the bank since the amount may be deducted immediately from the account, allowing for quick order processing.

The advantages of Maestro for your webshop:

  • Worldwide reach of 540 million cardholders in 100 countries;
  • Safe for consumers and merchants;
  • Quick processing of orders made possible;
  • Safe payment environment.

How it works for customers

Maestro cards may be obtained via the associated banks, and are linked to the cardholder’s current account.

For your customers, payments using the Maestro card vary depending on their bank. Maestro is a protocol for banks, and the banks arrange the transaction, and consumers are therefore re-directed to their own bank’s payment environment. In general, the payment process works as follows. All your customer has to do is:

  1. Choose a product in your webshop;
  2. Choose Maestro as the payment method;
  3. Select their own bank;
  4. Execute the payment and approve it in the secure bank environment and method of payment;
  5. The payment is then complete.

MasterCard and VISA have developed a security system to fight credit card fraud. This system is called 3-D Secure. In order to ensure that all of your VISA and MasterCard credit card payments, including Diners Club International, may be handled in an even more secure manner, ICEPAY offers this system as one of its products.

NB: ICEPAY only accepts Maestro International cards with the Mastercard Secure Code.

This payment method is available

  • Worldwide