Wire Transfer

Accept Wire Transfer (Bank Transfer) in your webshop

Payments by bank transfer mean ease of payment all over the world. In addition to the various credit cards available, bank transfers are the ultimate method of arranging international payments.
It is also an important method of payment frequently used for products ordered online within the Netherlands. The bank transfer is a method of payment that is not executed automatically. Not everyone uses online banking (yet) (and they therefore do not have access to the iDEAL system), and some people prefer to decide when and how to pay, so offering this payment method is a great solution.

Starting from:
€ 0.20 per transaction
  • Make worldwide payments possible
  • Traditional payment method, thus accessible for consumers who prefer manual forms of payment
  • No risk of chargebacks

How To

1. Select and request the account type that best suits your business needs.

2. Your account will immediately be ready for implementing and testing, however extra actions are required before going live.

3. Your account can go live once you have successfully finished testing and when your request is officially approved by ICEPAY.

NB: A special request procedure is required for AfterPay, credit card, SOFORT Banking, SEPA Direct Debit recurring and paysafecard. Please note that this process may take several weeks. Once your account goes live, you will be able to offer all available payment methods (per account type) in your webshop, except for the aforementioned. These specific payment methods will only be made available to you once your request is officially approved.

Advantages and Possibilities

By offering bank transfers as a method of payment in your webshop, you will reach a group of consumers who are more comfortable making their payments manually. These consumers may prefer this since they do not have access to online banking, or because they do not feel safe disclosing their bank details online. In addition, this method allows consumers to determine when they execute the payment. For some people, this is a reassuring thought. Not only is this traditional method of payment still used frequently in the Netherlands, the bank transfer is also a commonly used payment method internationally when it comes to paying for online products and services.

The advantages of bank transfers for your webshop:

  • Make worldwide payments possible;
  • Traditional payment method, thus accessible for consumers who prefer manual forms of payment;
  • Consumers are free to choose when and how they pay;
  • No risk of chargebacks.

How it works for customers

Once you have implemented ICEPAY in your webshop, you can, depending on the type of account you choose, decide to offer bank transfers as a payment method.

To pay, all your customer has to do is:

  1. Choose a product in your webshop;
  2. Choose bank transfer as the payment method;
  3. Fill in the required address details;
  4. Transfer the amount due by bank transfer;
  5. Execute the payment.

Pay special attention to the potential pitfalls of bank transfers; there is a small risk that consumers may fill in details incorrectly (amount or payment reference), which can create problems with the link to our records system. This can result in additional administrative work for ICEPAY, extra costs and a delay in payment. For bank transfers originating outside of the Netherlands, the consumer must also fill in their IBAN and BIC codes (except for France, the UK, Germany and Belgium).

This payment method is available

  • Worldwide