Payment via ICEPAY / Stichting ICEPAY

Information for consumers

Does the name ‘ICEPAY B.V.’ or ‘Stichting ICEPAY’ appear on your bank statement? This indicates that your online payment was processed by ICEPAY B.V. (Payment Service Provider). ICEPAY is responsible for handling the online payment only and thus does not have any influence over the delivery process of products or services ordered by you. ICEPAY connects online merchants with payment methods like iDEAL, Credit Card or PayPal. This enables you the consumer, to purchase online from their webshops quickly, easily and safely. See a list of frequently asked questions below:

Frequently asked questions

1. Why is the name 'ICEPAY B.V.' / 'Stichting ICEPAY' on my bank statement?

ICEPAY ensures that your online payment is received by the merchant/webshop that you ordered from. The name 'ICEPAY B.V.' / 'Stichting ICEPAY' is on your bank statement because ICEPAY is the first party to process your payment.

Escrow means a deposit or fund held by a third party. In this case, the deposit or fund is a sum of money belonging to ICEPAY clients. These funds are managed by Stichting ICEPAY (Foundation ICEPAY) for ICEPAY as the Payment Service Provider. This process is utilized by ICEPAY and other PSPs to adhere to the strict regulations set and controlled by De Nederlandsche Bank (Dutch Central Bank).

Two essential reasons for working with a third party foundation are:

  • Funds held by the third party foundation are never used for any other purpose.
  • Funds held by the third party are exempt in the case of bankruptcy.

2. Is my online payment safe?

When a transaction is processed through the ICEPAY transaction platform, it is secured in several ways. As a Payment Service Provider, ICEPAY is obliged to follow strict rules for the safety of transaction traffic:

  • ICEPAY is regulated by De Nederlandsche Bank (Dutch Central Bank / DNB) and holds a Payment Service Directive License (PSD).
  • ICEPAY is certified by Currence, the owner of iDEAL and meets all security requirements set by Currence in order to offer the payment methods iDEAL and PIN.
  • ICEPAY uses SSL certification, which means that your online payments are made within a secured web environment. You can check if your webpage is secure by checking the URL. It should always start with https://. If you do not see this in the address bar, you may be using a non-secured page.
  • ICEPAY commits and adheres to the Verenigde Betaalinstellingen Nederland (VBIN) Code of Conduct.

3. How does an online payment processed through ICEPAY work?

When you purchase something in a webshop belonging to a merchant that uses ICEPAY's transaction platform, your online payment is first handled by ICEPAY. ICEPAY ensures that your online payment is transferred to the bank account belonging to the webshop. The actions taken by ICEPAY are comparable to the activities of a bank to ensure that a payment is transferred from one account to another.

4. Did ICEPAY receive my payment?

All questions about the status of your online payments should be directed to the webshop where you paid for your online order.

5. I have already paid, but I did not receive my order, would like to cancel my order or return the goods.

ICEPAY only handles the initial payment and does not have any influence over the delivery process of your order. You should contact the webshop where you placed your order.