Magento Enterprise

All online payment methods for your Magento webshop in one go! Magento Enterprise Edition is the high performance, scalable e-commerce solution for fast-growing and large businesses.

Make it possible for customers to pay in your Magento webshop. Download the Magento Enterprise webshop module here and you will have access to the most popular, national as well as international online payment methods.


  • Version: 1.0.3
  • Last Update: 24/09/13
  • Compatibility: Magento EE-1.12


The installation and integration of Magento Enterprise is easy. The configuration of the Enterprise module can take extra time, because there are more possibilities and you have to set more settings.

In comparison with the Basic module, this module offers more possibilities when it comes to payment methods:

  • Always the latest ICEPAY payment methods
    Obtain your activated ICEPAY payment methods using our special Magento web service.
    You can determine yourself when and for which shop you obtain the payment methods. You will see a clear list of the payment methods and relevant banks/issuers in your back-end. Once you have obtained them you can customize this further according to your wishes.
  • Payment methods in your Checkout
    The ICEPAY payment methods are shown in your webshop environment during the checkout process. These are shown with a logo and, if necessary, a selection dropdown, such as a choice of bank in the case of iDeal.
    The payment methods are filtered to the minimum and maximum requirements, such as indicated by ICEPAY. Examples include the minimum amount or the chosen currency.
    The module also offers the possibility of showing the payment methods irrespective of the country in which the transaction takes place.
  • Smooth integration from your webshop to the payment method
    The customer will not notice anything of the link between your webshop and ICEPAY. After the checkout process the customer does not have to log in again or make another choice. He or she will be directed straight to the page of the payment method.
  • Configuration on issuer level
    It’s now possible to configure the payment methods even on issuer level. Activate or deactivate certain issuing banks or creditcards for specific countries.
  • Clear interface with AJAX controls
    Thanks to use of the native Magento AJAX controls, you’re able to retrieve and refresh paymentmethod data by pressing a single button. Configuring a lot of payment methods can get cluttered very easily, by making use of the AJAX controls the interface stays clean and user-friendly.

Other possibilities that both the Basic and the Enterprise Magento module of ICEPAY provide:

  • Easy installation
    Use the Magento Connect manager to upload and install the package without any hassle and without FTP access.
  • Temporarily free update
    ICEPAY customers using the ‘Magento old module’, can temporarily upgrade to Magento Basic ,Advanced or Enterprise by downloading one of the new modules.
  • Constantly developing
    The support and development of the ICEPAY Magento modules are never at a standstill. We ensure that they are compatible with the latest Magento version and take your wishes into account when updating a module.
  • Works in a compiled Magento environment
    The module is optimized to work within a compiled Magento environment. No external files are kept.
  • The possibility to link several merchants
    You are not bound to just one ICEPAY merchant account. If, for example, you have several websites running on your Magento installation, then we offer the possibility to link these to several ICEPAY merchants. One advantage of this is that it allows you to keep the administration of your various merchants separate.
  • OneStepCheckout extension
    Both Magento modules are fully compatible with the very popular [OneStepCheckout] (link to 1stepcheckout page) extension. The display of the ICEPAY payment methods has been optimized for use within OneStepCheckout. A perfect combination!
  • Optimization
    The module offers various configurations, allowing you to optimize the processing of payment methods, also on less powerful servers. You can use the module without any problems in a compiled Magento environment.
  • Unique ICEPAY admin environment in your back-end
    The ICEPAY module has its own back-end configuration page. You have one central point for all your ICEPA-related settings.
  • Inform your customers of your transactions with an ICEPAY page
    After installation there is an ICEPAY page in your front-end. This page contains information regarding ICEPAY and the transactions. You can use this page to inform your customer. This is done completely in the style of your own website.
    The page can simply be requested by adding /icepay to your website address. This makes it easier to incorporatethe page in a menu.
  • Clear status codes
    The ICEPAY module uses its own status codes that inform the customer and administrator clearly about the status of the transaction.
  • Automatic billing possible
    You can optionally use the automatic billing feature as soon as the entire amount has been paid. This saves you manual work and therefore time.
  • Support of various languages
    The Dutch and English (US) languages are automatically supported by the ICEPAY module. The language files make it easy to extend this to more languages.
  • Help with installation and configuration
    The module shows you not only our own extensive manual but also tips in the configuration of your back-end. The module also validates the configuration for you.





Version Date Compatibility
1.0.3 24/09/2013 Magento EE – 1.12 Download
1.0.2 14/08/2013 Magento EE – 1.12 Download
1.0.1 20/03/2013 Magento EE – 1.12 Download