OpenCart 2

Accept all payment methods in your webshop with our OpenCart plugin!

Download the ICEPAY plugin for your OpenCart webshop below and gain access to all popular, national and international online payment methods in one go. ICEPAY’s latest OpenCart plugin (v2.1.0 BETA) is faster, smarter and easier-to-use, and comes with integrated support for SendCloud.

Enjoy a flexible, feature rich shopping cart with the added benefit of a smart shipping service. This module is unique to ICEPAY and supports all payment methods that are available in your account.

ICEPAY plugins are simple to install and are regularly updated for optimal compatibility.

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  • Version: 2.1.0b(BETA)
  • Last Update: 08/08/2016
  • Compatibility : OpenCart or higher (compatibility with other versions is not tested yet)


OpenCart is a popular open source shopping cart solution. OpenCart runs easily on light weight servers and is feature rich, simple to use and search engine friendly. Extending your OpenCart package is easy, because their platform offers various extensions.

Customizable and effective

An effective and customizable platform for your e-commerce web-store. Simply install, choose your template, add products and you’re ready to start accepting orders. OpenCart comes with a modern, responsive default theme but there are thousands of themes online to personalize your web-store if you prefer.

The ICEPAY-OpenCart module offers you the following:

  • Version 2.1.0 (BETA) includes a SendCloud integration (SendCloud is a smart shipping service incl. with UPS, DHL and DPD)
  • Easy installation; adjust the settings and begin using ICEPAY payment services immediately,
  • Support of all ICEPAY accounts and payment methods,
  • An ICEPAY checkout page where your end consumer can choose from all the relevant payment methods,
  • Support of the English and Dutch languages. Extension to other languages is possible,
  • Fraud prevention including IP verification of payment information.





Version Date Compatibility
2.1.0b(BETA) 08/08/2016 OpenCart or higher (compatibility with other versions is not tested yet) Download
2.0.8 05/04/2016 OpenCart – Download
2.0.7 25/01/2016 OpenCart – Download
2.0.6 22/10/2015 OpenCart – Download
2.0.5 28/09/2015 OpenCart – Download
2.0.4 24/03/2015 OpenCart – Download
2.0.3 11/11/2013 OpenCart – Download